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the son of Tārā and Vāli, the monkey chieftain of the kingdom of Kiṣkindhā. Sugrīva had enlisted the help of Bhagavān Rāma to kill Vāli. When Vāli was on his death-bed, he offered his son, Aṅgada, at the feet of Śrī Rāma. After Vāli’s death, Rāmacandra appointed Sugrīva as the king of Kiṣkindhā and Aṅgada as the crown prince. Aṅgada assisted Śrī Rāma in the battle against Rāvaṇa. Thus, although in the body of a monkey, which is representative of the state of saṅkucita-cetana (contracted consciousness), he engaged in the process of bhakti

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